Nelva Pelaez - Executive Vice President, David Ortiz Children’s Fund

Nelva started out her career at 18 as a TV Producer in the Dominican Republic. Her passion for charity and giving back started out with the birth of Heart Care Dominicana, where she served as Executive President for years, bringing ground-breaking health care for low-income patients with heart disease in the DR, and introducing the country to top of the line equipment and staff.

Nelva joined the David Ortiz Children’s Fund family upon its inception, as its representative in the Dominican Republic and right-hand woman of Fund President Hallie Lorber. Today, she helps save lives on the daily while also serving as Head of Production at P4 Films, her own production company. In her leisure, she enjoys the company of her five children, her husband, and two dogs. She enjoys fried sweet plantains and the trendiest shows on Netflix at any given time.