Keisha was born to a 17 year old unwed mother from Villa Altagracia, a very poor province north of Santo Domingo. Her father works as a vegetable and fruit sales person in the market, and makes an average of $150 per month.

When Keisha was born in a rural hospital, the doctors told her mother that Keisha needed to see a genetic specialist and a cardiologist as soon as possible. She was then referred to the Public Pediatric Hospital, where she was diagnosed with an Complex Cardiopathy and Down Syndrome.

The doctors there told the mom that CEDIMAT was the only hospital with a pediatric cardiovascular surgical program with the capability to care for her daughter; they could not accept her case there.

Keisha’s pulmonary pressures were quickly rising, putting her at risk of becoming inoperable, so the doctors at CEDIMAT had to prepare her for a diagnostic catheterization and subsequent corrective surgery. DOCF’s team prioritized her case and helped ensure she received immediate care.

Keisha is now thriving and Mom and Dad are very grateful for all the care she received from the doctors at CEDIMAT and for all the help they received from the DOCF.