Following the death of her father and two of her uncles from cardiac arrest, the family realized that their death was not a normal heart attack, and her grandparents went to doctors to find out if their sons suffered from a hereditary disease. Realizing this, they asked the mothers of their four granddaughters to test their children. Jimena’s results showed congenital heart disease.

Her mother felt desperate because one of Jimena’s uncles had died while he was still a child, and Jimena was not only positive for the disease, but also had developed symptoms. In order to save her daughter, Jimena needed a device that was going to cost $30,000.00 and an implant another $6,000.00. The mom was desperate almost to the point where she had almost lost hope.

Then they learned about a screening mission that was funded by the David Ortiz Childrens Fund at CEDIMAT. She decided to take her child and request help from the foundation, which was granted immediately. She received her surgery and all needed device support, and recovered beautifully.

Today Jimena is happy, growing and looking forward to many realized dreams. Her mother is extremely thankful for the support of the DOCF and for the care Jimena received at CEDIMAT.