Pediatric Cardiology Family Support Program

DOCF together with Dr. Oscar Benavidez worked to establish this new program for families preparing for their young children’s heart surgery. Led by Dr. Katia Canenguez and Jessica Nigrelli (a mother of two young children who live with congenital heart defects), this program provides a safe and supportive environment for parents to learn how to best manage through this scary and often overwhelming time.

Offering both a behavioral health specialist and an experienced parent perspective, this group meets regularly to facilitate discussions on:

• Helping your child prepare for surgery
• Stress and relaxation strategies for parents and children
• Helping your child communicate and manage their emotions when preparing for surgery
• Self-care for parents/caregivers
• Siblings and how to support their needs

DOCF is excited to use insights gained from this program to help strengthen the standard of care provided to families in the Dominican Republic.