Brad Ballard has had over 10 years of Business Partnership selling in the professional sports world and radio. In a crowed landscape of pro sports, Brad found success early on in his career by creating unique ideas for corporations that go well beyond the average “outfield wall sign” at an MLB ballpark. From engaging promotions with fans, to creating a continuing education degree program with a local university to provide minor league baseball players a chance at a better life beyond baseball. Brad has a desire to use his role as a way to give back to whomever he encounters. Brad has spent many seasons selling business partnerships in both the NBA with the Phoenix Suns, to now with his hometown team the Texas Rangers. Ballard even spent time on the grounds crew of the Texas Rangers in High School and College before making the full circle into the Front Office.

Personally, Brad has a passion to help people who have life threatening heart conditions as he was recently affected in a similar manner. Ultimately, Brad feels that whatever difficult circumstances he has faced in life, in the end he wants to use those moments for good to give others the chance to live life to the fullest. Brad is an avid runner and completed one Full Marathon back in early 2020, which is more than enough for now. He’s happy to cheer others from the sideline going forward.


Brad lives in Fort Worth, TX with his wife Lauren and son JT.