Alexandra Ortiz -Executive Vice President, David Ortiz Children’s Fund

Greetings! I’m Alex Ortiz, and I’m excited to join the David Ortiz Children’s Fund as a proud new member. Raised in the vibrant heart of Boston, my life has been enriched by a deep love for music, family, and community.

Some may recognize my smile as it mirrors that of my father, David Ortiz. Currently pursuing my degree in Music Composition and Production at Berklee College of Music, I’ll proudly graduate in 2024 right here in Boston. At the age of 16, I had the honor of singing the National Anthem at Fenway Park on my Dad’s final Opening Day. In July 2022, I performed at his Hall of Fame induction in Cooperstown, NY.

My time at Berklee has nurtured my creative talents and instilled in me a profound belief in music’s power to heal and unite. With my background in singing and a passion for the arts, I’m excited to join the dedicated team behind the DOCF.

Growing up, I’ve been immersed in the culture and mission of the foundation, championed by my parents, Tiffany and David Ortiz. It’s a privilege I eagerly embrace as I take on more responsibilities within the organization.

My commitment to community service and advocacy for young people has led me to actively volunteer, driven by a desire to make a positive impact wherever I go. As I prepare to graduate from Berklee, I look forward to engaging with communities in Boston and Miami, collaborating with the exceptional team at the DOCF, and celebrating our organization’s life saving work.

Together, with the support of our generous donors, we have so much to accomplish and celebrate in the coming years. I’m honored to be part of this esteemed group of individuals dedicated to the well-being of children and our community.

Join me in this exciting journey as we continue the inspiring work of the David Ortiz Children’s Fund.