Cardiovascular Program

The main focus of the David Ortiz Children’s Fund in the Dominican Republic is to help underprivileged children with congenital heart defects access the specialized cardiac care they require.

To fulfill this mission, the DOCF supports CEDIMAT’s pediatric cardiovascular program through internationally aided medical missions for complex cases, which further the training of the medical and paramedical personnel, as well as individual cases performed by the local surgeon team.

Through this program, the David Ortiz Children’s Fund has helped over 500 children get the life-saving surgeries they need.

Individual Cardiac Cases by CEDIMAT’s Surgical Team
The David Ortiz Children’s Fund will fund 20 surgeries to indigent children requiring cardiac catheterizations and surgeries with the local CEDIMAT surgical team.

Cardiovascular Detection Outreach Program
The David Ortiz Children’s Fund joins the CEDIMAT team for two detection missions. During four days, the Pediatric Cardiovascular team will evaluate patients from rural areas without access to echocardiography and other specialized diagnostic tools. The program will serve 200-400 patients.

DOCF IMPACT over 811 children received life saving surgeries